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Caldwell County

This tour is a no-brainer. Four of the best BBQ restaurants this side of the Mississippi located in one town. Lockhart Texas has been known to serve up more great BBQ than any other Texas town all within a two mile radius. Smitty's Barbecue was named one of the top five barbecue restaurants by Texas Monthly Magazine. http://www.smittysmarket.com 512-398-9344

Kreuz Market was started in 1900 by Charles Kreuz. Ownership changed hands but the quality has remained and this establishment was also named one of the top BBQ locations in Texas. http://www.kreuzmarket.com 512-398-2361

Down the road is Chisolm Trail BBQ with a nice buffet and great prices for the portions you get. You can check out their website at http://www.chisholmtrailbbq.com 512-398-6027

Blacks BBQ family owned since 1932 known to have some of the best BBQ and friendliest service in Texas. This restaurant would be the last to visit in Lockhart so be sure to save room for their delicious BBQ. http://www.blacksbbq.com/ 512-398-2712

Call us and let us know if you would like to go on the Caldwell County Tour. We'll take you to Lockhart to enjoy some of the greatest BBQ in Texas.

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